Yacht captain

These courses are taught in Galician and Spanish


  • Government of pleasure boats up to 24 meters.
  • Unlimited navigation.


  • PY degree.
  • Pass the theoretical exam.
  • Practices of 48 hours of safety and navigation.

Next start CY Course: Consult. Theoretical exam date: 12 of September. Registration: From July 22 to August 5, 2019, both inclusive.


Face-to-face theoretical course (50 hours. 1 day week): € 450

Motor practice (compulsory 48 hours): € 450

Service includes: Full material for course (book or notes adapted to the official syllabus, exam questionnaire, compass, didactic material, etc.), personal keys for online school access, VAT and processing management for exam registration.

Service does not include: Fees of examination and psychotechnical.

Percentage of students approved (2018): 80%

Based on the percentage of students who do not pass the theoretical test, we offer the possibility of taking a second theoretical free course .