These courses are taught in Galician and Spanish

“Sailing is more than hoisting sails”.


Plans adapted to your needs.Presencial and on-line.

Cresencial courses in Ribeira and Santiago de Compostela.



Motor + sail + radio.

Test online

Online platform for school students.



Located on the top floor of the facilities of the Nautical Sports Club of Ribeira. We also teach courses in Santiago.
School boats

School boats

Both the Karracucas and the Mauritania are large and easy-to-navigate sailboats that allow a comfortable learning experience, with departures from different ports of the Ría de Arousa: Ribeira, A Pobra do Caramiñal, Boiro, Vilagarcía de Arousa, etc.
The Ría de Arousa, our sea

The Ría de Arousa, our sea

The Ría de Arousa is the largest of the Baixas estuaries, with wind protected areas and an amplitude that offers comfortable sailing.

Our philosophy

We love and respect the sea

We believe it is important to know him well and be prepared. Therefore, in addition to preparing you to obtain the official degrees, we offer the internships and we have a training program designed for you to learn to navigate and gain experience safely.